Five minutes into the future, an undead luchador and an over-the-hill referee trek across the boring dystopia of Mexifornia, the swamps of New-New Orleans (previously Ohio) and the ruins of Chernobyl for the secrets of their supernatural past.

What is it

The Elephant’s Foot is a comic book/graphic novel three years in the making. It’s an epic story featuring horny robots, atomic witches, millipede squids, blood, guts, ridiculously proportioned genitalia… and murder.

You can check out pages and work in process here!


TenTon Raygun has published the first volume of The Elephant’s Foot as a giant-size 48 page graphic novel.

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Where to get it

Pick up a copy at BroBot and Modern Graphics comics in Berlin or order online!

Elephant’s Foot Vol 1
$20.00 USD plus shipping


This was a ton of fun to make! I’ve gone through three print vendorspaper shortages, hard-drive crashes, and the usual plagueswars, and economic meltdowns. I’ve chosen to do a print run against all common sense because fuck it, why not.

Elephant’s Foot Process

You can check out some of the current pages and some work in progress here: Typically I’ll sketch out some ideas on actual physical paper, or just some layouts on a napkin. This helps me block things out and figure out how it will relate to the rest of the layout.

Then I’ll scan in the sketch (or just shoot it with my celphone) and bring it into Photoshop/Illustrator, where I’ll clean it up and start drawing with my tablet or Wacom.

I’d like to get a proper tablet and use procreate so I can go from sketch to final drawing all on one device, but since so much of my work involves going back and forth between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, even After Effects and 3D max it’s easier to just work off a pc.

The Wacom form factor is quite shit tho, you can’t really curl up on the couch and watch some movies and draw.