The Elephant’s Foot

The Elephant’s Foot is a comic book/graphic novel three years in the making. It has everything I love– zombies, robots, vampires, blood, guts, atomic witches, millipede squids, ridiculously proportioned genitalia… and murder.

The story begins with childhood friends being reunited after years apart. Things get dark quickly as the grisly death of their parents in an epic Luchador battle is revealed in flashbacks.

Where will they go from there? Will they seek out revenge against the ones who they think started it all? Or are they in search of something more profound? Soon they become embroiled in an epic, one-sided cosmic struggle between interdimensional monsters and plucky, poorly informed, naïve rapscallions.


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The Story So Far

I’ve published The Elephant’s Foot in an easy-to-read PDF version and I’m also working on the pre-press for a physical, printed version. You can get current with the story here!

The Process

Typically I’ll sketch out some ideas on actual physical paper, or just some layouts on a napkin. This helps me block things out and figure out how it will relate to the rest of the layout.