Full version of “Mischevious Means of Production”, the chilling story of what happens when hubris, A.I, and wacky hi-jinks go a little too far! I thought it would be fun to break it up into installments for the insta but it destroyed the pacing. Lesson learned. I may go back and delete the previous posts since they kind of ruin what should have been a fun quick read.

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It was originally made for the @comicinvasionberlin contest which was a great motivator to knock it out over a few weeks. Typical process is to knock out the panels in my sketchbook then finish with good ol RustyNib from @truegrittexturesupply on my Wacom Cintiq.

Naturally I did some timelapse drawing videos you can see some more of them here: https://youtu.be/LNx340vXxN4

Then endless tweaking of panel and word balloon position I did in InDesign. It’s annoying to set up, but if I need to reformat for video or bizarre upload sizes it makes the process a lot easier. Thanks also to @tomsingier for helping with the translation and general editing suggestions.