This “Lawnmower attack” game is an experiment I’ve been working on– I did all the programming, audio, and asset design. I wanted to make a game that would have behavioral feedback as well as scoring feedback.The goal is to mow the lawn, but unfortunately there are obstacles in the way. So, you can play this game in two different ways, as a “good” person or a “bad” person– if you run over babies or small cute animals with a lawnmower, you lose karma. If you don’t kill anything or if you “injure” yourself while trying to avoid slaughtering the helpless creatures, you have good karma.


You win regardless of your karma, but the end screen/message reflects your play style. It is EXTREMELY difficult to get thru the game with good karma (<3 kills), but it can be done.

I guess I should have a setting for “meh” karma, but maybe in v2.

You can check out a playable alpha version here:

Still working on the Facebook integration– it’s intended to be a Facebook game where you can share your “karma” with friends, but the Facebook API is so very, very sucky that I don’t feel like bothering to  implement features (leaderboards, user name tracking, wall posting) that I’ve done for other clients. I’ll get around to it when I have some spare time…Anyway, any feedback, suggestions, or bug tracking would be greatly appreciated!