“Godzilla” 2002 Eric Medine
Toy houses, light bulbs.

This installation is about the idea of personality as created by disparate life experiences—every house represents a year of the artists’ life and a years’ worth of formative events.

The modular electrical system is a parallel to cells in a human body…or buildings in a city. This fragile city is completely at the mercy of any destructive, inescapable, and kitschy menace, and consequently is not to be taken too seriously.

It has been shown at the Light Show Exhibition (Drivethru Studios, 2003), Stray Show (TBA Space, 2–2), and used as a stage prop for the animated movie “Ghost Town” by Dan Layne.

Godzilla- detail
Godzilla installation- DriveThru Studios
Godzilla- detail