I got restless and drunk after being all organized and sober the last couple days… since I have a whole subset of work that I can do while intoxicated (design, phone calls to lawyers, press releases, etc) I figured to get some of the “Achievement” badge icons done. I have the achievement sorting code ready to add to the game itself, so it’s just a matter of getting the images in, right?

I have them sorted into different categories, from most basic to most complex. For instance, as soon as you open a game and get points (any kind of points– just one point!) you’ll get the little black circle and a message that says “Achievement unlocked– first points!”. As you progress thru the game, you’ll get more little badges for beating the timer, beating your high score, playing for a certain length of time, etc. As a gamer I’m indifferent to this kind of hand-holding and lovey-dovey reinforcement, but since this is a therapy game it becomes an important part of keeping the player motivated.

Anyway, I figure to have five games total, which means ideally at least 25 achievements each, but I’d like to have at least three levels of difficulty, so that means 75 achievements per game… basically I need some templates I can make lots of knock-offs for. Top row will be “Tier 1” achievements, second row will be “Tier 2” achievements, etc. I need to make row 5, and I’ll be on my way to getting this sorted.

I don’t need to design them all just yet– but I need to make sure I can retrieve, assign, and re-display more than a couple cheevos for each game, so this quick variety of shapes and sizes should give me an idea of how it works before I go all-out.