After a lot of re-factoring (from the Java prototype to Javascript/threeJS/PHP) I’ve gotten all the data tracking, achievements, and progress dashboards to work across all games. Up to this point it was dummy content and some fake-ass data, but now all the games call to the progress dashboard, update achievements, and save to the player profile, and every other damn thing.

Notice how pretty the charts are– I used Chart.js, which is the braindead stepchild of chart building, but it works for my simple needs. One nice thing is that I am able to re-use all the cheevo art and profiles, just have to drop it into a div tag when needed.

One nice thing about refactoring a software application is that all the dead-ends and “just make it work for now” builds can be taken as completed, and a lot of the planning and structure can be ported. The best part about refactoring in a browser based environment is that it’s crazy more flexible than Java… the UI that took a week and a half to build was redone on a friday evening before drinks.