This workshop focuses on creating visual art using the Processing programming language in the Resolume video mapping environment. Topics covered include building a Processing sketch that can be added to Resolume, controlling Resolume parameters using the Processing sketch, and implementing 3rd party libraries such as physics engines like Box2D or the Leap Motion controller to work with Resolume. The demo will cover a video mapping build using the Box2d Physics Engine in Resolume.

Although this workshop will be focusing on using Spout to get Processing visuals into Resolume, if you have a Mac don’t worry– Syphon for Mac is a similar alternative, and Processing to Resolume control using OSC is platform independent.

Participants should have a Mac or PC with at least two gigs of ram and 2ghz processor, a licensed and current version of Resolume, and a USB stick for transferring files. To take full advantage of Spout your graphics card will need to support the GL Interop extension.

Familiarity with the Processing programming environment is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

Topics to be covered:
— Quick intro to Processing
— Integrating Spout with Resolume in Processing: resolution and performance quirks and tricks
— Controlling Resolume from Processing: OSC control
— Extending the Processing environment: physics engines (box2D) and 3rd party libraries (Leap, Kinect)

Recommended links:
Touch OSC:
OSC libraries: