“Language of Color and Hope” is an art therapy project using generative light sculptures based on the first chapter of the book Language and Connection in Psychotherapy: Words Matter by Mary Davis, M.D.

It consists of a wood box that unfolds into successively colorful, interactive, and layered arrangements. This process relates to the process of building “psychic scaffolding” in a way that can be personalized for the individual user.  The form of the work also reflects the ways in which the therapeutic process moves from surface (manifest content) to deeper layers of meaning (latent content, unconscious underpinnings of the manifest and latent contents).

Now that the prototype is done, it’s time to do a production version! This one will be the “travel edition” and will fit in a suitcase. It’s got extra “scrabble” tiles, pens, and power supply. You can check out the build-out videos here!