August, Sunday 14th, 2011– 12PM to 5PM
Space4Art – 325 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Instructor: Eric Medine
Learn how to push the limits of Kinect, Microsoft’s new motion controller in this DIY community workshop. Discussion includes installing and running the OpenNI API as well as OpenKinect, creating generative visuals that can be tracked by the Kinect, and interacting with “virtual” interface elements (think Minority Report). This intro workshop is designed to get new users up and running with OpenNI, OpenKinect, and Processing so that they can begin hacking, prototyping and experimenting with the tools it provides.
Requirements: BYOL (Bring your own Laptop) – motivation and desire to Learn + Play! It is also recommended that you download and install Processing as well as the OpenKinect and OpenNI libraries before the workshop so you can jump right in and start programming!