This is one of a two lecture series I did at the Live Performers Meeting, an annual performance/workshop/seminar/festival in Rome, Italy. It’s a multi-day deal with artists, engineers, musicians, and all manner of interesting craziness. I was invited to give a lecture/presentation and perform with the BATCHASS crew, who I met the previous year. The other work at the event was great, of course, but the best part by far was getting to meet all the other artists involved, and the connections/relationships that I made there.

This festival goes on every year from what I understand– check them out, it’s definitely a good time:

I covered compiling generative visuals built in Processing (a Java based authoring environment) onto an Android mobile device, downloading and running the Android and Processing SPK and API, as well as how to deal with hardware issues such as screen size, processor power, and external display capabilities of mobile devices.

There’s also a (very rough) tutorial here if you want to get into this kind of thing– if you have an android phone, it’s easy and fun!