ArKaos is pleased to sponsor’s Flash Video Mixing Workshop: an afternoon of lectures, live demonstrations, and discussions of programming techniques, platform quirks, and methods of creating interactive Flash visuals in a live setting. Flash animation has become a weapon of choice in a VJ’s arsenal due to its small file size, flexible scalability, and (most importantly) the potential for interactive programmatic elements. Ben Guerrette (VJ ECIN – creator of Trigger Motion), will demonstrate developing audio reactive Flash visuals for use with Arkaos GrandVJ. Ben has worked with ArKaos to integrate Flash into GrandVJ and the Numark NuVJ in addition to providing stock Flash visuals included with both releases.

Eric Medine (MkUltra) will be demonstrating the interactive and dynamic text capabilities of Flash as well as MIDI-reactive Flash animation. Following the lectures and technical demonstrations will be a raffle for a licensed version of Arkaos GrandVJ and Resolume v3, and a live Vj battle between MkUltra and ECIN. Check out the announcement on the Blog for more info!

About LaVa (Los Angeles Video Artists)

La-Va (Los Angeles Video Artists) is a loosely organized communtiy of video artists working primarily in the field of live video mixing and improvised visuals. The goal of the LaVa community is to promote and nurture the movement of video mixing and improvisational video art in the greater Los Angeles area.