Staging, video, and interactive presentation setup for Epson’s annual sales meeting. I used a Watchout video system from Futurelighting (thanks Paul) and a V440 HD video mixer to toggle between panoramic video (45′ by 15′) and marketing presentations.

For me, the highlight was getting the corporate folks to interact with an iPad controlled world map that played videos when you rolled over locations of Epson’s corporate headquarters. I don’t often get to write custom software for purely corporate events, so this was a lot of fun.

TouchOSC interface for iPad– controls the globe rotation, size, background color, as well as video playback. As always, the challenge was to make an interface that a user unfamiliar with the system could figure out by playing with it– no amount of instructions help with UI, since no one reads them anyway. “Play Video” is about as complicated as I like to get.
Original pitch concept art showing the Epson Planet app. The curved screen unfortunately did not make it to the final event.