Panda Express

Hyper Casual Social Media Games

The Request

“How can we use social channels to drive users to our franchise locations?”

The Solution

Deploy hyper casual games with leaderboards, shares, and competitions to build a user base.

Give out rewards to in-store items to drive engagement and community.

Use analytics and a custom-built dashboard to track users and micro target customers based on their proximity to the local franchise!


Panda Express





Tracking users is great, but for a client with brick-and-mortar locations it’s crucial to find WHERE your customers are, not just how often they interact with the brand.

This is a data visualization tool uses a database linked to Facebook games to connect social audience with their nearest Panda Express franchise.

Currently you can show the physical location of all new players by date, the times they “shared” the game, and whether or not they clicked on the “coupon” buttons in the game. I could have put scores and whatnot in there, but it is more of a tool to view user interactivity profiles, etc.

Since the basic engine is JAVA, it can run as a standalone app on Mac or PC, as well as be deployed in a browser.

The Results

User Clicks


number shares


Franchise growth over three years