Epson Eco-Tank

"Liquid Wall" Product Launch at the Epson Experience NYC

The Request

“We need an epic, immersive, larger-than-life marketing event for Epson’s new line of refillable ink cartridges.”

The Solution

Build a gigantic ink bottle display with a real-time liquid color mixing control!

Using a tablet-controlled “ink spray” the audience could test out the infinite variety of color combinations of the Epson Eco-Tank technology.

Video mapped with a combination of custom software and staging systems, this installation was put together in one day in time for the product launch!


Epson North America


Art Direction
Video Production



Thanks to the Power Posse Productions crew for their help in making the installation come together under a hectic schedule, Vivid Vision for supplying their awesome media server rig, and Adela Kriland from Omagica for the fantastic 3D tweaks in Watchout to get the ink bottle geometry just right! Head over to for more info!