Ten Ton Raygun
Since 1/09 Eric Medine has been owner of Hectic Component Solutions, a multimedia design firm specializing in contract work for clients such as Toyota, Belkin, Bank of America, Epson, and FOX Studios.
11/06 to 9/08 20285 S. Western Avenue, Torrance, CA Position: Multimedia designer Duties: Design and production of multimedia sales tools for Toyota Tundra, Highlander and Lexus.
2/08 to 6/08 California State University in Long Beach Position: Digital media instructor (adjunct) Duties: Taught fundamentals of Flash, web development, and interface design for online applications.
Johnny Boy Chicago
3/02 to 8/04 100 S. Wabash, Chicago, 60606 Position: Multimedia designer Duties: Produced web sites, online video galleries, anima- tion, and multimedia applications for corporate and service industry clients.
4/00 to 10/03 1 N State Chicago, Il 60624 Position: Digital media instructor Duties: Taught fundamentals of Photoshop, Quark and con- cepts in page layout as well as fundamentals of Flash and interface design.
Maximum Graphics
2/99 to 01/00 425 w. Van Buren Chicago, Il 60624 Position: Graphic designer, production assistant Duties: Designed trade ads and large-format media displays for the city of Chicago.

Flash Video Mixing Workshop

8/22/09. Lecture, live demonstrations, and discussions of pro- gramming techniques, platform quirks, and methods of creat- ing interactive Flash visuals for live video mixing at the Rich Media Institute in Los Angeles, California.
Programming Live Text Editing Applications for Lip- Synching Animation
10/18/08, Lecture and video screening at the Can Serrat Cen- tro de Actividades Artisticas in Barcelona, Spain.
Last things First: Designing Software Applications for Hacked Hardware (Wiimote Video Mixer)
1/16/08 , Lecture and video screening at the Motion Graphics Festival at Columbia College, Chicago
3D Modeling Techniques in Fine Art Applications
9/11/06, Lecture and power point presentation at California State University in Long Beach, California.
Techniques and proposals for incorporating dynamic Flash MX functionality in video mixing software
12/13/05, Lecture and video screening at BassWerks in Los Angeles, California.
Strategies for Curating Electronic Art
10/17/03, Lecture and video screening at the National Gallery of Fine Art in Kirshumlian, Skopje, Macedonia.
Business of Art Conference
04/26/03, sponsored by the Chicago Artists Coalition
Alt Space Summit
03/26/03, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. A discussion about the burgeoning independent arts spaces, collectives, and scenes in Chicago.
Art and New Media
11/12/02, Lecture and programming demonstration at the University of Veliko Tarnovo in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Master of Fine Art Otis School of Art and Design 2006, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelors of Fine Art Art Institute of Chicago 1996, Chicago, Il.
Artist Residency Instituto Allende de San Miguel 1992 to 1993, San Miguel, GTO, Mexico

“Freedom in Video Art”, Korean Times, 6/2/08 “Urban Shelter”, Artweek, 10/3/07 “State of Emergence”, L.A Weekly. 9/16/06 “Alternate Routes”, ArtScene. 11/12/06
“Not Dead Yet” CityScene Chicago. Fall 2004
“Channels- Newsportal fuer Netzkunst & medi- akultur” Fall 2003
“mi casa– su gallery” Mouth to mouth Maga- zine. Spring 2003
“Boring Art?” 24 Hours (Sofia, Bulgaria). November 2002
“Light Show” UR MAGAZINE. July 2002
“Drive Me Crazy” UR MAGAZINE. October 2001
“Contraption” Lifestyle Afficionado, Chicago Reader. April 2001

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Streamline, After Effects, Adobe Premeire, DVD Studio Pro, BBEdit, Deck II, Director, Fetch, FileZilla, Arkaos, Meta Synth, 3D Studio Max, Rhino Nurbs Modeler, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PageMill 2.0,  Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Re-Birth, Resolume Avenue 3, Sound Edit 16, SoundForge, Quark Express, Actionscript 1-3, PHP, CSS, HTML, FBML, JAVA, Javascript.