“Kinect Hacking and Visuals for Processing”
This is a tutorial on how to create interactive video using the openNI and openKinect libraries for Processing. It also has updates on handling custom Eclipse builds for openKinect, with attention paid to OpenGL native libraries and 32vs64 bit errors.

“Touch OSC for Processing on Android and iDevices”
This is a tutorial on how to create visuals using Processing controlled by a TouchOSC interface.

“Live vdeo remixing of a  twitter feed using Flash for Resolume Avenue 3”
This is a tutorial on how to create visuals from a Twitter feed (or any RSS feed, really) by building a Flash plugin for Resolume Avenue 3.

“Generative Visuals using Processing for Android”
This is a tutorial on how to compile generative visuals built in Processing (a Java based authoring environment) onto an Android mobile device.

“YouTube Video Mixer”
Using PHP/AS3 to extract a YouTube video feed (deprecated)

“Lip-Synching Text in RealTime”
Walkthu and build process for building a live text to lip-synch simulation

“Wii-mote to Midi Video Mixer”
Everything you need to get started making some interactive video on a Windows PC

“Remote Control Hacking”
Theories and strategies for “Control Module” interface Design. This p