Toyota E-Learning Modules

The Toyota and Mitsubishi sales certification program is one of the most strict in the industry, with rigorous training and an exhaustive knowledge base. We were tasked with coming up with engaging, browser based e-learning modules using games, interactive animations, and “talking head” video guides. The most fun part was building out “easter eggs” that would activate if the user got a perfect score.


With makes and models ranging from Landcruiser, Lexus, Matrix, and Corolla, we had to drastically alter shootaround styles and technical language– “outdoor lifestyle” focused sales reps on the Landcruiser team don’t test as well if using Lexus descriptors of elegance, luxury, etc.

One thing that’s consistent across all brands, however, is the “shoulder” shot with a 3/4 view, wheels turned into the angle. We had a photoshop guy on our team whose sole job was to make sure the highlight along the shoulder and trim was clean and even.