Skechers’ Quiggly Dash

This project is a mobile-enabled “running game” to promote the “GoRun” line of running shoes for Skechers. It was intended to be released with the “Mr Quiggly” superbowl ad by the Siltanen & Partners agency, which ranked 3rd “most liked” superbowl commercial of 2012. It has powerups that allow the player to run faster/jump higher, and links to a store locator (naturally) and leaderboards, and it was created using the ImpactJS HTML5 engine, which allowed me to easily port it to iPad, iPhone, Android, and browser-based platforms.


Unfortunately, the client changed direction with the “Quiggly” avatar halfway through the project, and it has never been launched. It’s a bummer– I did all the programming and gameplay tweaks, as well as the art direction and asset management.