Mitsubishi Radio Code Portal

This is a microsite I made for Mitsubishi while at Siltanen & Partners. It is probably the least-sexy thing I’ve ever done, design-wise, but the challenge was building the wireframes, sorting out the UI, and setting up the style guides for the programmers.

Here’s a link to the PDF of the wireframes: 

Mitsubishi had asked us to make a web portal for customers and dealers that they could use to retrieve the “unlock” code for their car radio– when you change the battery or do certain kinds of service for certain model cars, the radio resets and you need to enter in a code. Apparently Mitsubishi North America gets up to a hundred calls a day regarding this problem, and asked us to build a portal that you could use to retrieve your radio code.

My task was to provide wireframes that would work out all the possible use-cases for the programmers– if an owner or a dealer was using the portal it required different kinds of data, if the person already had a profile set up with they had access to other kinds of data, etc.

In addition, I was asked to set up the style guides and positioning parameters for the designers– since this portal “lives” inside the site, it used all the current CSS styles, and those parameters had to be made crystal clear to the designers. It seemed like overkill at the time to make this document, but the positive effect it had on workflow for the designers made it all worthwhile.