Invisible Cities

This exhibition is a series of polymer resin and plaster sculptures created by using 3-dimensional design software (3D Studio Max, Rhino 3D Nurbs Modeler) and a Z-Max Rapid Prototyper. Although their physical characteristics resemble architectural elevations, the underlying form for each monochromatic sculpture originates in a Google Maps search.
Rather than an inquiry into the map of a known place or address, these search requests ask Google to return a state of mind or a poetical construct rather than a conventional street address. Although I ask for the location of “the place that is always outside”, “the place where people put their hands in the air like they just don’t care”, “the place that is the most corrupt”, “the place that is inescapable” I typically receive locations that are banal and unremarkable.
I then render the two-dimensional Google map as a three dimensional form, a monochromatic sculpture that resembles an architectural elevation. These objects become an illustration of poetic license, a demonstration of the interchangeability of identity and the ultimate uselessness of labels and location.
Each sculpture is set flush into the wall, forcing an artificially foreshortened perspective.

Place where they Put their Hands in the Air like they Just Don’t Care
Place Where the Dead Outnumber the Living
Place Where Everyone Gets Laid
Place that is Always Outside
Place Where the Good Drugs Are At
Place that is Inescapable
Place of All the Exes
Place that is Not For Sale
Place that Succeeds where All Others Have Failed
Place with No History