Panda Express Social Media Campaigns

Anytime you work with a well-known “fast casual” food chain like Panda Express there’s an expectation of a robust and engaging social media presence. Coupons, specials, and interactives all played a part in this, but the biggest response we got was from “Panda-fying” existing games such as Sudoku, pinball, etc.

These games had leaderboards, shared scores, and a redeemable in-store coupon feature that encouraged players to get their friends list to join.

To get the most of the performance analytics from these games, we built a social media tracker– the client could view engagement numbers on a U.S map, sortable by ad campaign, promotional package, and match it up  on a map to existing franchises.

This way they can test user engagement with new product promotions and even new menu items at the franchise level, in real time!

My favorite game of the campaign was the pinball, however. Building out physics engines to run in-browser was, at the time, some heavy lifting.