Social Media User Tracker

This is a data visualization application I made in Processing/Java. It receives gameplay data from Facebook ad-games that I built Siltanen & Partners’ ad campaigns, using locations from an IP-to-Geolocation class, and linked to a down-and-dirty-UI (rollover the timeline to display all the game interactivity for that particular day).

Since the basic engine is JAVA, it can run as a standalone app on Mac or PC, as well as be deployed in a browser. It was super fun to make, and I have some more tweaks in the works that I have not yet documented.

My next step is to compile it for iDevices using a combination of javascript, JQueryMobile, and PhoneGap– but it’s proved to be more challenging than previously expected, and I’ve decided to wait until I can find someone who likes to write javascript to do the heavy lifting. I feel the same way about j-script as I do about changing my tires– I like it better when it’s over.

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