Corporate Signage: SOS Ventures

Got asked to do some corporate lobby art signage for SOS Ventures, a venture capital group specializing in biohacking and health startups. First time I ever did a “reclaimed wood” installation, which was surprisingly expensive and time consuming. Reclaimed wood is weirdly pricey at salvage/reclamation yards, and getting it to look like a uniform texture with differently sized wood scrap took some planning. I also installed it according to size– largest pieces on the bottom, tapering up to smaller pieces at the top.

The sign itself is 1/16″ steel plate cut on a water jet, then powder coated.

Client mockup with “brushed steel” sign. Final version is powder-coated with company pantone color. I’d pushed to have a natural/rust colored sign, but the slick enamel-looking paint pops quite well. Sometimes subtlety is not called for.