PresenTweetion iPad App

PresenTweetion¬†is a presentation viewer for Twitter designed specifically for iPad. You can do a Twitter search for a keyword, and it will display them in a “presentation view” for situations such as corporate events, music festivals, trade shows, or other events where you want to be able to display the social media reach of your brand or company without the clutter of a typical Twitter client. It displays full screen with no nav bar or control bars for an elegant and clean look, and with a iPad to HDMI or VGA adapter can be sent to any video projector or external monitor(s).

I built it using JQuery Mobile and HTML5, with a JAVA/Processing backend to handle the animation. That’s right– JAVA on iOS. If you want to know how I did it, there’s some tutorials here.

The iPad platform was chosen specifically for ease-of-use, portability, and ubiquity. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of setting up a laptop, configuring internet or LAN settings– if your event has WiFi available, it will just work!

You can set the background colors and font colors to match your corporate style guides, and even turn the profile picture on or off in case you don’t want the distraction of user’s portraits in your presentation. You can even adjust the speed and animation style of the Twitter feed, from frantic scrolling to a gentle fade to a full stop.

You can upload a background image, texture, or even a company logo from your iPad’s photo gallery. The tweet feeds will appear superimposed over the image and all animation will work exactly the same.