Vivid Vision Marketing Campaign

Vivid Vision needed a marketing campaign that could quickly and clearly explain the benefits of their virtual reality vision therapy treatment. Using a combination of sizzle reels, demo videos, and swag aimed at patients, and live demos, in-office signage and reading materials for doctors, we got our Vivid Vision providers up to speed and ready to prescribe the new treatment within a month.

This motion graphics sizzle reel of the “Barnyard Bounce” vision therapy game was done using a combination of Maya, 3D Max, and After Effects.

The challenge was to communicate quickly and effectively across print and electronic media that this  system is effective at overcoming suppression while improving visual acuity, fusion ranges, peripheral awareness, and depth perception… and also make it clear that the treatment is fun, engaging, and easy to use!

At the same time we were placing marketing media in vision therapy offices, we ran a facebook and email blast campaign targeted specifically to potential vision therapy patients within driving distance of our vision care providers, encouraging them to set up an appointment for this new vision therapy treatment. With engagement rates between 35-55%, and new patient signups averaging 15% per email, we viewed this as an unqualified success!